Thank you for considering giving to the Union County Foundation!

The great advantage of a community foundation is that your gift becomes part of an endowment fund.It is permanently invested and only the earnings are spent.In this way, your generosity lasts forever.Although there are many ways to donate to the Union County Foundation, the most widely used include:

Cash gifts:  the easiest and most convenient way to contribute. To make an online donation now please click here.  

Appreciated assets:
  whether securities or real property, the full market value of your gift can generally be deducted without recognizing income on the gain from your real cost.

  by leaving a gift in your will to the Union County Foundation, for use in our grant-making or to benefit a specific charity of your choice, you leave a legacy that will have an impact for many, many years to come.

Charitable remainder trusts:
  provide a life income to the donor or another beneficiary for a specific term of years or until the donor’s death, when the assets are passed on to the foundation.

Charitable lead trusts:
  provide a regular gift to the Foundation during a specific period of time.  At the end of the trust, the assets can be turned over to the donors or their heirs.

Life insurance:
  can be an inexpensive way to make a substantial contribution.  When you name the Union County Foundation as the owner and beneficiary, you are entitled to a tax deduction equal to the face value of the policy.

Private foundations:
  you may find it useful and economical to transfer all or part of your private foundation’s assets to the Union County Foundation.

Retirement plans:
  may be an effective way to fund a charitable bequest while providing tax benefits to the donors and their heirs.Memorials and tributes: friends and loved ones can be remembered in perpetuity through a gift in any amount to the Union County Foundation. These gifts are recognized in our annual report and notifications of such gifts are made at your request.

Why invest in the Union County Foundation Unrestricted Fund?

Your money stays here
The Union County Foundation is overseen by a local volunteer board comprised of individuals from all walks of life who live, work and raise families right here. And the money is used to support local charities.

It addresses the needs of today and tomorrow. No one can say for sure what our community may need in ten, twenty or one hundred years from now, but by contributing to the unrestricted fund of the Union County Foundation you allow the committed, caring board at that time to analyze needs and distribute grants to help meet them.

It works forever. The money you donate is never spent. Rather, it is pooled with other contributions and invested by professional money managers. Only the earnings are used to make grants. Thus, the endowment continues to give in perpetuity.