Volunteer at the St. Bridget's Oktoberfest (posted 9/3/2019)

Where: Liberty, IN

When: Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Time: 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM or 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM (2 shifts available)

What: Help with the Oktoberfest festival

If you are interested in volunteering, sign up by completing this form: CLICK HERE, or contact Susan Kirkpatrick at 513-523-4278. 

Contact: Susan Kirkpatrick

Volunteer for The Junction, Inc. (posted 1/7/2019)

Where: 33 Junction Street, West College Corner, IN 47003

When: Ongoing

Time: Usually evenings

What: Volunteers are needed for various workshops, classes, demonstrations, events, etc. that benefit the community. Previous events included dance, cheer, music, computer ... workshops. Volunteers are also needed to help out at the Junction food pantry. 

Contact: Cheryl Hampton

SIGN UP HERE by filling up this online form. 

Volunteer at the Union County Council on Aging And Aged / Senior Center (posted 10/15/2018)

Where: Southview Courts Seniors Center, 615 W High Street, Liberty, IN

When: ONGOING - weekdays Monday - Friday

Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

What: Volunteers are needed for senior center meal site to assist with meal warming, meal serving and table cleaning. 

SIGN UP HERE by filling out this online form.

Volunteer at the Adopt-A-Dog, Inc. - local dog shelter (posted 6/25/2018)

Where: 1583 E. Kitchel Rd., Liberty, IN

When: Mainly weekdays (9am-1pm) and Saturdays (9am-2pm) : a flexible schedule that can accommodate your availability. 

Time: Mainly weekdays (9am-1pm) and Saturdays (9am-2pm); various work shifts, possible work from home and other places (for example when it comes to social media, fundraising...)

What: Volunteer for the local dog rescue shelter: Adopt-A-Dog, Inc.! 

Adopt-A-Dog, Inc. is a non-profit rescue serving Union County. On average, the shelter saves and places in new homes more than 100 dogs per year. We are looking for preferably long-term volunteers who can help with various tasks (based on your preference) such as:
dog walking, training and socializing, promoting adoptable dogs on Petfinder.com and Facebook, assisting families who wish to adopt, help with vet runs, shelter cleaning, fundraising, etc. The list is long, there are many ways to help!
Volunteer tasks are first carried out under the guidance of the shelter coordinator, Sarah.
Dog walking and socializing is typically needed on weekday mornings from 9am to 1pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. This schedule can vary and is flexible though! Let us know your availability!

How many volunteers are needed: 8

SIGN UP HERE by filling out this online form.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Volunteer with the Union County Youth Soccer (posted 6/28/2018)

Where: Union County (Dunlapsville)

When: Ongoing  

Time: Varies. More & up-to-date information will be provided to those interested. 

What: Help with organization and running of our local Youth Soccer League! 

There is more to running a youth soccer league than meets the eye, but our main focus is creating an environment for our UC kids to learn and have fun. We can use all the help we can get to create that environment. Union County Youth Soccer is our community youth soccer league for ages 4 to 14. We provide a program that teaches our youth the skills and techniques used in the sport of soccer. The Rec team is for ages 4 to 7, and our Traveling teams are for ages 8 to 14. We play in the spring and fall, with registrations being in Feb for the spring and July in the fall.

Soccer Fields address: 3890 W Old Dunlapsville Rd., Liberty (Dunlapsville), IN 47353

How many volunteers are needed: 10

LET UC YOUTH SOCCER know you're interested by filling out this form!

Volunteer for The American Red Cross (Richmond, IN): Disaster Action team (posted 8/13/2018)

Where: 829 E. Main Street, Richmond, IN

When: Ongoing

What: Disaster Action Team: The American Red Cross strives to send two volunteer responders to the scene to help with immediate needs like food, clothing, and shelter. This is a critical need where volunteers can make a tremendous impact by being a part of our responder team, which can be scheduled one 24-hour shift a month or more. Responders are “on call” and dispatched just like the fire department. Responders go through a series of online training as well as learning the role by being paired initially with a seasoned volunteer. Response teams are always pairs of two; so, volunteers can coordinate to respond with their friends or make new ones with other Red Cross Volunteers. Time commitment varies based on whether there is a disaster to respond to on a given shift. Volunteers can also sign up to follow up over the phone with clients who have experienced a disaster. Great for those who need a more flexible opportunity, and follow up calls can be done from home. 

Contact Katelyn at Katelyn.lipa@redcross.org or 812.549.6025 with any questions 

How many volunteers are needed: 4